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MAS Fast Pass

The MAS Fast Pass is a SaaS solution that will help you rapidly, efficiently and seamlessly upgrade your IBM MAS. 

Key Benefits include: 

  • Personalised Trial

  • Easy Uploads and Downloads

  • Hassle-Free Environment Setup

  • Quick Deployment

  • Automatic Upgrades

  • Transparent and Real-World Insights

  • Unified Dashboard

  • Proactive Planning

  • Cost and Health Monitoring

Construction Manager

MaxLogic Managed Service (MMS)

The MaxLogic Managed Service is an IBM approved solution that gives you an economical, fast track to start your EAM journey

Key Benefits include: 
•    A scalable solution that grows with your business
•    Pay for the licenses you need
•    Reduction in your fixed costs
•    No infrastructure overhead 
•    Rapidly deploy new functionality
•    Drive value faster to your business 

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